London, UK
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Christopher Little-Savage, Head of Engineering

I'm a technical leader with a passionate insistence on development best practices. I want to build amazing tools that make the world a better place.


  • Team Leadership
  • Technical Strategy
  • Communication
  • Obstacle Removal
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AWS
  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • Developer Tooling

Work Experience

2021 - Current

Head of Engineering, PowerX AI (London, Remote)

January 2022 - Current

Lead Software Engineer, PowerX AI (London, Remote)


As the first engineering hire, I laid the technical foundations for the current iteration of the PowerX AI platform. I had full authority over evaluating new technologies and maintaining a technical roadmap to carefully balance pace of innovation against long-term maintenance requirements.

As my responsibilities increased, I grew and managed a team of up to 15 people, collaborating with data and AI specialists to build sophisticated ML pipelines. I also worked with domain experts to quickly assimilate knowledge of site power electronics, allowing me to understand product requirements and bridge the gap between commercial and technical teams.

2020 - 2021

Software Innovation Engineer, GSMA (London, Remote)

2020 - 2021

Managing an international team of six external and internal developers, I was fully responsible for the delivery of technical solutions from research prototype through to released product. As well as this managerial work, I was also involved in all aspects of implementation, including solution design, development and code review.

Our flagship product was the GSMA Interoperability Test Platform, which aimed to harmonise APIs between some of the world's biggest network operators.

2018 - 2019

Founder / CTO, Tyro (Uganda)

2018 - 2019

I started Tyro to tackle the technical skills gap in Uganda. I combined a unique curriculum of modern web development skills with a collaborative Agile workflow which allowed our apprentices to work on commercial projects with very limited practical experience.

I was directly involved in the recruitment of a team of nine local developers of mixed abilities, and was responsible for continuously monitoring their learning and development alongside making technical contributions on more advanced projects.

2016 - 2017

Entrepreneur First, Technical Co-Founder

2016 - 2017

As part of Entrepreneur First's EF7 cohort, I founded an AI-based platform for evaluating and optimising and chatbots' dialogue repertoires. Eventually realising that our product had little commercial appeal, I joined another team to build and scale an AI mortgage advice platform for both mortgage brokers and retail consumers.

2016 - 2021

MVP Consultant, Self-employed

2016 - 2021

Using my expertise in rapid product development, I have been able to advise and assist in the delivery of proofs of concept and minimum viable products for startups around the world.

Sustainable Takeaway App

Oversaw external implementation, monitored cloud deployment and developed technical product strategy.

Education E-commerce Portal

Provided custom development, taming an overfull feature request list by integrating 3rd-party services against a very tight deadline.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Led a team of four remote Polish developers, overseeing backlog management, code review and training.

Story (2017)
Education & Digital CV Platform

Produced research reports and PoCs using blockchain technology, and guided technical strategy.

Automotive Safety Dashboard

Full-stack MVP development of a sophisticated AI analytics dashboard.

Education & Certifications


AWS Certified Developer


Wanting to consolidate and validate my understanding of modern systems architecture, I took two days of self-study to pass this challenging AWS exam. My final mark was over 97% on a scale normalized for difficulty.

2015 - 2016

University of Cambridge, MEng Advanced Computer Science, Distinction

2015 - 2016

I took courses covering Machine Learning, Data-Processing Systems, Security, Functional Programming and Programming Language Usability. My final dissertation looked at building a hybrid graph database aiming to bridge the performance gap with relational databases.

2012 - 2016

University of Cambridge, BA Computer Science, 1st Class

2012 - 2016

For my undergraduate dissertation, I designed and implemented a novel type-inference system for JavaScript, and accompanying compiler to protect typed JavaScript from unchecked code. I went on to present this research at an international conference on functional programming.